Boyfriend Material

Outfit details:
Top: Forever 21
Sandals: Zara
Purse: Forever 21

Photos by: Patricia Steglinski

Baggy, comfortable, ripped and definitely no male interaction, that's my kind of boyfriend jeans. I was never a big fan of jeans in general because one, I'm too tall to fit on any regular jeans, two, they don't fit me on the right areas, and three, I look skinnier than I already am. I decided to give it a try because as I'm getting older, I realized that dressing comfortably is now my priority. It is one tricky piece. I have fallen in love with it because although I'm too tall for any pair of pants, a bf jean can be cuffed to give it a slouchy look. It doesn't necessarily have to fit me on the right areas because it is meant to be a little loose and relaxed fitting. The loose yet feminine feel of the jean allows you to combine with variations of tops, and you can definitely transform your look from pretty much anything.