FashioNette: Neutrals

Outfit details:
Vest - Forever 21
Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Zara
Watch - Michael Kors
Heels - Forever 21

Photography by Asian Impressions

I've been revamping my blog lately along with my crazy hectic schedule. I thought I'd start a new segment on my blog called FashioNette, since that has been my passion since day 1. I used to post a lot of outfit of the days A.K.A. #OOTD on my Instagram. Although now I'm just leaning more towards travel and focusing more on bettering my lifestyle as an adventurist, thought I'd share with you my style. Hey, I'm not just about clothes and shoes. I like a lot of other stuff too!
I love neutrals. It's the foundation of my style. It also builds the wardrobe of any woman's closet, or just about everyone. Every woman needs shoes in black, white, brown and tan. They may be boring to many but you can't ignore their versatility. Neutrals are a staple of any woman's closet that has a classic clothing personality or even a minimalist, and is a way to look simple and elegant! 



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