Home Is Where The Van Takes Me

To truly understand and appreciate life and nature, you must take a road trip. I've been to so many road trips in the past and one of my most memorable ones was SJ and I's trip from Pensacola, FL to San Fransisco, CA. Recently, I disembarked into a 12-hour drive with four of my girls from Southern California. From California to Arizona, up to Utah back down to Nevada. From Grand Canyon sunrise to Southern California sunset, let me show you my journey to the open roads of this beautiful country.

There is nothing wrong that a full tank of gas and a group of friends can't fix. Someone once said that to understand America, you need to understand football. I would argue that to truly understand America, a road trip must be experienced. And the more miles you put between yourself and what you've left behind, the better.

The extended journey by car is a different kind of travel. You call all the shots. You decide when and where, left or right, turn back and forge ahead. The highway beckons, but it also challenges.

First stop: Grand Canyon National Park.

Most visitors (like us) were slowly driving and stopping on every viewpoints possible. Widely known for its exceptional natural beauty and considered one of the most visually beautiful landscapes. Scenic wonders within park boundaries include high plateaus, plains, deserts, forests, lava flows and the popular Colorado River.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ http://www.nps.gov/grca/index.htm
Outfit: Rayban (sunglasses), Forever 21 (poncho, boots and sweater), Levi's (pants).

Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Second stop: Horseshoe Bend
Beautiful serene sight to have a solitary moment of the curvature of Colorado River especially before sunrise and after sunset. The magnificence of the landscape cannot be expressed in words or through a photograph. You have to see it yourself!

Horseshoe Bend, Page, AZ http://horseshoebend.com/

So, what's it like to haul a soccer mom van hundreds of miles up in Arizona? Romantic, nail-biting, nature awe-inspiring and yes, cooler than driving a convertible. So much room to get comfortable in. Get our road rules!

Third stop: Lower Antelope Canyon

Typically the ones that you see on wallpapers that are sure to leave your mind blown. The canyon is a half mile long and is underground, naturally formed of sandstone, and from flash flooding and erosion. It is a symphony of color, shape and texture where the walls reflected by sunlight and beams invokes a sense of harmony and awe. It sure is a paradise for people who loves to take pictures, like me.

Lower Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ http://navajonationparks.org/htm/antelopecanyon.htm

The sun is out. Desert air blows in through the rolled-down window. A big bag of sausage mcgriddle sandwich transforms into a perfect road trip breakfast, singing and acting out scenes from music videos becomes a completely rational way to get through a long drive stretch of freeway. And there's nothing but the drought, rocky and open space alongside us, where you drive for miles upon miles, not even braking for traffic. Life is good.

Watch my vlog:

AZ/UT Trip 🌵 from Marinette on Vimeo.