Eye On Miami

This is my first time visiting Miami, and I'm visiting for work and a little pleasure. One of the things I've learned to love about Miami is that it is known as the capital of Latin America, and every single country in Latin America has it's own neighborhood name in Miami (Little Haiti, Little Cuba, Little Havana, etc.). I stayed around Miami and Keys area for 2 weeks. With work on pause, I made my trip pretty memorable.

Beach Please..
For weekend one, my colleagues and I had this plan of hitting a place where everyone goes to play, South Beach.  It is everything I've imagined Miami to look like: blue water, overcrowded, exotic cars passing by, party goers, plenty of nightlife options, and booming with so much life and culture. I've seen better beaches but it is definitely worth a visit. We went twice in a week, mainly because our first visit didn't go well as planned. Our second visit, nonetheless, went by a lot better. Miami is a wild city. This is a place where people go for fun in the sun. It's not one of the cheapest cities in America, but it definitely is one of the most fun.

Our Airbnb in Little Haiti.
Inside of the Airbnb house.

Espanola Way - Spanish style street in South Beach


  • Airbnb - We got a vacation home in Little Haiti, a mile away from the Wynwood Art District and 10 minutes away from South Beach. We paid roughly about $500 for one night.
  • Food - Miami is one of the best cities to embark on a culinary adventure. If you are in the South Beach area, you should expect to pay at least $20 a meal. Don't forget the classic Cuban sandwich and Caribbean food which can be found on every corner of Miami.
  • Transportation - $1-2 range a mile for a standard vehicle ride through Uber. This is probably one of the best tips I can give you, use Uber! I do feel like when people drive to Miami, it brings out their inner animal. They turn into savage animals who only cares about their car and the road. And driving there is like going outside during a zombie apocalypse. Parking, too, is an absolute terrifying nightmare. So stay away from driving.

Coffee o'clock..
People watching, sipping on some good coffee on a fine sunny day. I am not a coffee person, but I really enjoyed Panther Coffee's vanilla latte, almond croissant, ham and cheese pastry, and the nice rustic vibe of the shop.

Visit to Vizcaya..
I'm a sucker for pretty, photogenic, insta-worthy estates. I'm glad I had the pleasure of visiting Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in the heart of Miami, overlooking the Biscayne Bay. The museum contains artworks and furnishings from decades and decades ago sitting in ten acres of European-inspired gardens. The mansion is overwhelmingly massive, but enjoyable enough to explore and learn about how the rich and wealthy have lived during the last century. The real place to be is outside, though, in the gardens. This place shines like a polished vintage piece, rich in detail and history.

With my friend/co-worker, Gladys.

Hipster Paradise..
If you have seen most of my Instagram outfit posts, you know I have a thing for graffiti walls. Like Downtown Las Vegas, Wynwood Walls has it's own take in colorful walls, trendy galleries and selfie spots. And like a curious visitor as I am, I had to check it out. The neighborhood is mainly composed of dilapidated warehouses, auto shops and businesses that has developed throughout the year by artworks. The artwork on every walls and the surrounding areas are very unique, although the place is a little sketchy, it still makes me happy just to be around the artworks.

Quirky Florida Keys..
I immediately found myself humming all those island songs in my head.."Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty mama, Key Largo.." I'm sure everyone has heard about the upbeat life in the Key West but Key Largo is more laid back and relaxed. I didn't do a lot of exploring, but Key Largo is known as the "Dive Capital of the World", where you can do a lot of water activities, especially fishing.

First stop: Caribbean Club, where a Humphrey Bogart movie was filmed.

Key lime ice cream from Key Largo Chocolates.

Conch brunch..
It's easy to be skeptical about unfamiliar food. Being a curious kitten as I am, I like to try everything. Remember, it's only weird if you haven't tried it yet. Conch is a sea snail that is very popular in the Caribbean and Florida seas. It is definitely a true tropical must eat. I got my first taste of this mollusk deep fried served on eggs benedict at Key Largo Conch House. It is mildly sweet, clam-like flavor and a chewy texture comparable to calamari.
P. S. It is rumored that conch is an aphrodisiac.

Everglades: Gator parade..
Nestled on South of Miami, one of Homestead's attractions that gives you a taste of what "real" Florida wilderness is all about. Full admission includes an airboat ride (my favorite) that zips along the grass canals of the Everglades National Park, surrounded by alligators and other collections of animals. It's crazy seeing how close the alligators are from you. Although I wouldn't pay the full admission because I'm not a great fan of zoos, it's still worth a try. The shows were informative and holding a baby gator and snake was quite an experience.

Everglades Alligator Farm

Blackpoint end point..
My last day out in the Metropolitan Miami, my colleagues and I went to this tropical restaurant called Black Point Ocean Grill in Cutler Bay. Although the food was average, the atmosphere, on the other hand, was such a lovely experience. The outdoor seating has a good view of the marina, and you get to watch the boats, fishes and manatees pass by. I get to experience dining here one during the day, and one at night. 

Miami is certainly a city of its own vibe and unique atmosphere. You squeeze as much life and magic out of each and everyday. Just exploring this place makes me wonder how the country has endless amounts of culture and diversity. Definitely looking forward to heading back to different parts of Florida.

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