Another Year Older

Hello, it's my birthday today and I'm choosing today to celebrate being alive, healthy, thankful, and basically celebrate all the things that made me who I am today. I woke up to sounds of my phone ringing and my Facebook full of greetings. Messages had started rolling in the second the clock hit midnight in the Philippines, which is a day ahead from the US. Majority of my extended family are on that side of the world and their messages are basically half my timeline already! Another year older has begun. I'm currently on my week vacation to do a little celebrating in Vegas and LA with my family and friends.

Two years ago, I wrote a birthday post about the things I've learned and thankful for (Another Birthday Has Passed). I re-read it again and I must say, nothing much has changed. If anything, I feel a lot more happier. For someone who blogs, I am a very private person. There are a lot of things has happened this year that are not perfect. I am one who to see the glass half full and if there's anything that pains me, I don't usually talk about it. I go on with my life like nothing has happened or I choose to let things go like that. But today, I'll talk about some things I've learned for the past year.

Truth be told, 28 wasn't my favorite year ever. In fact, it was one of my harder ones. Not even for anything anyone around me would have noticed. 28 was hard for reasons I've held onto in the quiet of my mind. Things like career changes, homesickness, relationship failure, starting over, and life, in general, contribute a lot to these stresses. I spent a lot of days in that year with a knot in my stomach, and the weight of my dreams and aspirations all on my shoulders. I'm hard on myself mentally, if you don't know this already. It took up a lot of time and energy with worry of what if's. How could that year bring me anything but good memories? You're right, but I've also learned so much. While it has it's share of downs, so much great things has happened too; I'm having another niece, graduated Airman Leadership School, promotion, finished my Avionics degree, traveled to several states, started a new career, and more. I'm perpetually grateful for that.

Today, another year older, and the dark cloud has lifted. My goal for this year is to be happier and surround myself with people who lifts me up. I'm lucky to know people who inspire me to be better and motivate me to achieve my goals. I think it's easy to get caught up with life and its challenges, and also, with what I think I haven't achieved at my age. I'm thankful for these people for reminding me and keeping me grounded of the things I HAVE achieved. And while I have a great support system, I challenged to believe in myself more, listen to my heart and my intuition. I was so used of basing my decisions with other people. Here's one thing I've learned: do not expect others to see gold where you can only see dust. If you don't believe in yourself, then nobody will.

So far, another year older feels...better. I'm sure it will come with its own bundle of ups and downs, but that's the roller coaster ride of life, right? I have so much plans lined up this year and I can't wait to embark on that journey!



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