Hey, Spring! (Feat. Restricted Shoes)

Warmer weather is finally around the corner, and if you live in Texas, then you know what to expect when it comes to the spring: Bluebonnets! Bluebonnets are wild flowers native to Texas and it's an annual spring tradition. They flock across road side, parks and pretty much anywhere, where there is grass. I've been enjoying my drive to and from work everyday just seeing blanketing blooms of blue. Quite frankly, they don't last very long, and as we all know, Texas goes from winter to summer with barely any transitions. So I took the opportunity to snap some photos during the week! Pretty unusual to me because I shoot content on weekends as that's the only chance I get with my workaholic self.

Without further ado, I've rounded up three spring outfits with my burgundy oxfords from Restricted Shoes. I've been into oxfords and loafers lately because it gives me that classic look without overdoing it. It looks inherently a masculine style, but it can be styled equally with anything and be rocked by anyone. To be honest with you, they remind me so much of the dress shoes I wear to the military. We call them "low quarters" and can only be worn on our dress blues uniform. But I really don't care because I think they're cute and it can definitely be dressed up or dressed down, wear casually or elegantly. Also, nothing is more comfortable than wearing flat shoes.

I also have a coupon code for you to use for any regular priced styles on the website. Just apply "MANETTEISM25" on check-out to get 25% off your purchase!

BRUNCH (thrifted, Restricted Shoes)

PICNIC (Zara, Forever 21, Restricted Shoes)

BOYFRIEND (Zara, H&M, Restricted Shoes)

Let me know what you think. I hope I gave you some ideas on how to wear oxfords. What do you think of them? I had fun shooting these looks even though I had a creative rut for the past few days from writing anything on my blog. Anyone else experiences this? I've been so caught up with working on my regular jobs (and life) that I don't have much energy with other things. How do you overcome whenever that happens?

Anyway, the next upcoming weeks will be so hectic for something bigger and better for my career. I can't wait to share with you guys soon. Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have an amazing weekend!