Holiday Ready + Update

I love this time of the year. Although I don't celebrate Christmas in full swing just like everyone else, I can feel the excitement it brings. This is the perfect time where I pull out outfits that are out of my comfort zone and not feel judged.

Last weekend, I flew to Los Angeles and drove to Las Vegas immediately after I landed with the help of two of my girls to surprise the rest of my best friends of 10 years on their holiday animal onesie party. I don't get to see them often so it's nice to reconnect, see my godchildren, and catch up in person. Originally as planned, I had told them I wouldn't make it because of my work schedule with the military. Turned out, my work days got moved to an earlier date. So I booked my ticket as soon as I got the news and kept it from them for a month long. It was the most exhausting weekend, I must say. I flew straight after work and made it to Vegas safely the following day.

Fast forward to the actual party, I surprised them with my presence and could you imagine everyone's reaction?! It was priceless. Funny story, one of my friends also announced their pregnancy! Talk about surprise on top of a surprise! My heart is so full and I'm grinning from ear to ear until now. My happiness is through the roof and I'm just so glad I made the decision to come home even though my stay only lasted for less than 35 hours. Ever since I moved to Texas, I always have that fear of missing out on all major life changes and accomplishments especially when it's from someone close to my heart. 

Although we had such a hectic schedule, we were able to squeeze in a little bit of a photo shoot at The Smith's Center at Downtown. This particular outfit I'd personally wear for a holiday banquet, watch a Broadway musical, fancy dinner or a New Year's Eve party. I've always had this fur coat and sequin dress in my closet but don't often wear it. I absolutely adore these pieces separately and thought they would look great together. After all, holiday dressing is the perfect opportunity to explore on mixing pieces if you want to stand out. In addition to the photo shoot, I also got to see my family members for a few hours, especially my niece.

So without further due, here's my version of a holiday party outfit. I know it's been a while since I wrote something here and I apologize. Hope you also enjoyed my little life update! Let me know what you think and I'll talk to you guys later.

Fur Coat: Forever 21
Sequin Dress: Charlotte Russe
OTK Boots: Go Jane



  1. Ahhh seriously loving this festive little dress!!

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  2. I am really glad you got to spend time with your family, as it is the most important thing in the entire world. Your outfit looks fabulous, and perfectly flawless.