Beach Boardwalk Ft. A'GACI

This is my first beach experience in Texas ever since I moved here. And although it isn't one of my favorites, it definitely did not disappoint. I had been craving the ocean, with all its bright colors, music, fried food aromas, palm trees and the salty air wafting through my hair. Albeit it's been really humid and hot, I had a great time and already dying to go back.

I took Sara and my dog, Piper, with me for a short weekend trip down to Galveston Island, which is about 3.5 hours away from Austin and about an hour away from Houston. This little town reminded me so much of Maine with its cute, colorful cottage houses. And although the rain made its appearance while we were there, it surprisingly did not rain on the times (of both days) we went to the beach. This is also Piper's first vacation trip and first time to the beach. Here's a funny story: Piper absolutely hates the water...or I should say, taking baths. But the moment we stepped onto the warm beach water, we couldn't get her off of it! She loved it so much that every time I pull her back out to the shore, she whines. This is a good thing. Then maybe little by little, I could get her into going to the bath tub now more often.

I packed light on this trip. I like an outfit that is multi-purpose and this outfit fits the description. During your vacation, you don't want to have to worry about packing multiple clothing and go back to your room every time there's a new activity. I know I'm guilty of that and I'm trying to avoid that! I've been doing really good on this and I haven't overpacked on any of my trips so far. So, I put together this relaxed head to toe outfit, everything from A'GACI, that I know can be worn all-day around the beach. It being a cover-up for a bikini, and still appropriate to wear to do some shopping along the boardwalk and go on a night-out for some drinks afterwards. We ended up going on a swim on the first day, and stroll around the next day, followed by lots of eating out and food shopping.

This post is in collaboration with A'GACI.



  1. Looks like you had a fun trip to the beach, love your outfit and how you have paired it with accessories. Looking forward to more posts from you soon.