Serum Talk with Decorté

A quick anatomy lesson: a healthy-looking complexion is a result of a healthy skin barrier, the outermost layer of skin. Ask any beauty guru and dermatologists, and they'll tell you that a serum added on your skin care routine is a good thing. It can be layered along with moisturizers, and packed with higher concentrations of proprietary elixirs that can treat skincare concerns.

It's been a while since I talked about skin care here, and I don't talk about it often...or do I avoid that topic. I don't have perfect skin, and like all of us, I desire gorgeous-looking skin and would go to any lengths to get it. I follow a regular skin care routine like moisturizing, cleansing and scrubbing, but forget to add another important step on the regimen, a facial serum.

Before I got into skin care, I had no earthly idea what a serum is and what it does for you. So after I pooled out my research on what to use, even asked several friends for some more research, I finally have a pretty good idea and realized how important it is, especially on my skin type.

Serum is a product that's applied to your skin after cleansing that delivers powerful ingredients directly to your skin. It targets problem areas like aging, skin-related diseases and dark spots, depending on what you're looking for. It is concentrated enough to penetrate deeply into the skin and are non-greasy (unless it's an oil serum) or non-comedogenic, thus being a boon for an acne-prone, sensitive, oily skin like myself.

My skin is far from perfection. I'm acne prone and I still have acne scars from when I was in high school. I still break out every now and then and I have enlarge pores. I've been trying out Decorté Vi-Fusion Essence Micro-Treatment Fluid Serum for about almost three weeks now and I've already seen a drastic change to my skin. It is an ultra-softening watery lotion and highly potent serum made in Japan. It contains the highest concentration of Decorté Vi-Fusion, an elixir that promises to strengthens, regenerates and empowers the skin. My skin looks glowing even without make up on, and it looks healthier than ever.

I use this serum every day after cleansing and moisturizing at night with my current skin care regimen. I routinely use Clean & Pure Foam Wash and the Slim & Firm Concentrate Masks along with it for optimum results.

All products are available on Decorté or Saks Fifth Avenue.

While this is sponsored by Decorté and Preen.Me, all ideas and opinions are my own.