I'm back! I want to apologize for my long absence in the blogging world. It has been a long time since I've been here. I am crazy busy and I do miss my blog so much. The fact I've had no time is that I've been juggling a lot of things all at once (I am still active on my other social medias, though). If you don't know it yet, since I moved to Austin 5 months ago, I have been going through a lot of stuff in life in regards to moving, changing jobs – been working full time, serving in the military, going to school, catching up on myself every weekends (mini travels) and some other general stuff that eats into blogging and shooting time. This year definitely came into a full swing. Living life can sometimes be consuming!

Enough of that. Today I'm back with a new post from this beautiful San Antonio weather the past weekend, while writing this on a stormy Austin weather. Yikes. It's still over 80 degrees there but I'm already feeling the fall/winter vibe in my dungarees. Summer doesn't want to leave yet and I'm not okay with that! So here am I rocking my long sleeves and boots to make myself feel at ease that the winter is (almost) coming.

Calling all 90's kids, dungarees (AKA pinafore) are back and I'm feeling like a big kid. Here's what I wore on a spontaneous day at The Pearl in San Antonio, TX for some good relaxation and quick weekend getaway for the Halloween.

Outfit Details:
Dungarees: Forever 21
Crop Top: Forever 21
Hat: GoJane
Boots: Local Store in Las Vegas
Purse: Kate Spade

Thank you to those who are still reading, even though I've been a slack with posting.



  1. I am 40 years late!!! You're finally blogging! Love to read about your adventures, Ri. Stay fab! xoxo.

    Much love,
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    1. Yes, I started blogging this year and I'm trying so hard to catch up as much as I can. But thanks for visiting. More to go in the future <3